Money Management: Avoiding Foreclosure

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foreclosureForeclosure is a very real and very scary word bouncing around news outlets today.  As a mortgage holder, you want to practice good money management practices to avoid foreclosure on your home at all costs.  Protecting your family by giving them a home to call your own is probably at the top of your priority list.  There are a number of ways the money management practices you employ now can help prevent foreclosure being on your horizon.

How You Can Act Now

Pay your mortgage in full, on time.  Of course, this statement is much easier said than it is done.  Everyone prioritizes their mortgage, right?  However, in our largely debt-driven economy, you might be surprised to know what some homeowners have put in front of their mortgage.  While a summer vacation seems really important now as the kids are getting out of school, if you have concerns about making the next few mortgage payments, setting these concerns aside in favor of a vacation can be extremely dangerous to your future.  Because we never know what life holds for us later on down the line, always having a backup plan on how you can pay your mortgage should things go south is essential.

Also, you may want to think about refinancing your mortgage or looking into mortgage modification.  You might find out you qualify for a better mortgage than the one you’re paying now!

When it comes to putting good money management skills to use, having a plan against foreclosure is of the greatest importance.

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