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money managementIf there’s one thing that married people and singles both know about marriage, it’s this: money problems are the number one cause of divorce.  Whether it’s income-related or a spending issue – though those things are so closely connected it’s hard to tell – arguments about money are quite common in marriages.  You may be frustrated that you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye.  If your cash situation is getting really serious, you may even be thinking about bankruptcy.

… And That’s a Good Thing

That’s right.  Bankruptcy might actually be the smartest money management move you could make to save your marriage.  Of course, bankruptcy has plenty of other benefits that we don’t need to go into right now.

Today, the focus is your marriage.  Many people think that bankruptcy would ruin their marriage.  However, the opposite is usually true.  When your financial situation is desperate and you don’t file for bankruptcy, that’s when divorce can happen.

By filing, on the other hand, you (and subsequently your marriage) get the relief that you deserve.  With the financial burden of debt lifted from your shoulders, you eliminate a vast majority of the money management issues that have been hounding your marriage.

We may not do marriage counseling, but if you’d like to talk to one of our bankruptcy attorneys about filing, get in touch with us today.  It could be the smartest move you make with your finances and with your relationship!  When you come out on the other end of the process, your only wish will be that you started earlier!

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