Saving Money In Back-To-School Shopping

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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back to schoolThe start of the school year is just weeks away! Unfortunately, the costs associated with getting your kids ready to start a new year can be debt inducing. However, back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to break the bank or leave you in credit debt. Following a few a simple tips can ease you and your kids into the school year without added debt.

Simple Savings

Put away your credit card. While it can tempting to charge all of your kids back-to-school costs, you will spend far more in the end in interest fees and even strain your credit accounts. Paying in cash or directly from your checking account is always best during these once a year expenses. However, many people don’t feel they can afford to pay in cash, but they are wrong.

First, browse through your kids art station or that junk drawer in the kitchen to look for school supplies like pencils, pens, paper and more. If you can find some of these supplies lying around there is no need to buy them right now.

Second, find out what supplies or clothing is needed right away by organizing the items by priority. If you have some jeans that still fit, don’t buy new ones right now. Ask your child’s teacher if there are any school supplies that won’t be needed in the first few weeks. You may just find that not everything is a necessity this month and can wait until later to be purchased.

Last, buy in bulk and split the cost with other families. Buying school supplies, lunchtime snacks and basic clothing items like socks in bulk from a warehouse store can save you money. Go in on the purchase of the bulk items with another family to save even more money.



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