Spring Break Money Savers

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money managementAs spring break approaches many families are planning to take a few days off to spend time together. Unfortunately, it is holidays such as spring break that often bring added financial pressure and extra debt into the family. Before getting deeper into debt over a weekend trip or mini-vacation, consider the following ways to save money this spring.

Vacation At Home

The idea of a staycation has come into play over the last few years as economic times have tightened our purse strings. More families are now staying local for their holiday adventures. Those who live in a large city, or within driving distance, can take advantage of all the local hot spots without spending money on hotels and expensive restaurants. Rather than charge a night at a hotel to an already overloaded credit card, consider driving to the local attraction and packing a picnic lunch for food. The local tourism and visitors bureau can provide a list of fun events and activities in any town.

Shop Last Minute

Most people assume that planning ahead is best when it comes to travelling. While this is true at times, there is something to be said for last minute deals. Many hotels and airlines offer discounted rates for booking a reservation within the 48-72 hours prior to the date of arrival. Check multiple online sites for rates and try to book the cheapest fare. Contacting the hotel or airline directly to negotiate using rates found online is another way to get a discount on the price without having to book online.

Pay In Cash

Spending less and using credit wisely has never been more important than in today’s economy. The average family will spend close to $3500 for a vacation each year, and more than 75% of those families will charge the costs to a credit card. Charging a single vacation to a credit card can take several years to pay off at the rate of paying minimum payments. Using credit cards for travel is only smart when attempting to minimize available cash and protect money from possible theft. The best way is to pay in cash or use travelers checks, otherwise be sure to pay off the cost of the trip once it is over.

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