The Holidays Are Coming: Ways To Stay Out Of Debt

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christmas debtThe holiday season is just around the corner. In fact, it is less than 100 days before the biggest days of financial indulgence of the year. As people are busy writing out their gift lists, less than one-fourth of those people will actually have enough money saved to purchase their gifts without adding debt.
Just the thought of saving money is overwhelming for many people, especially those that are already facing financial trouble. The truth is, many people simply don’t plan for upcoming holidays. There is no need to end up further in debt over gift giving.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Everyone loves giving and getting gifts over the holiday season, but what better gift to your family than that of financial stability. To keep yourself out of debt this holiday season consider the following:

Start Saving

Saving even $5 a day could provide you with $500 in cash by the time the holidays are here. The average American family spends between $300-$750 on gifts over the holiday season. Imagine having most of your gift budget in cash by the time you hit the stores. All it takes is a little diligence and effort to set aside the money you would normally spend on a cup of coffee each day, to fund your holiday gifts.

Get Creative

Times are tough, we all understand that. Instead of buying that fancy electronic device or expensive piece of jewelry, try a personal gift that costs less. If your spouse has always wanted to travel to Paris, skip the plane ticket; instead, give tickets to a Parisian art exhibit. Try personalized gift websites that can create thousands of custom gifts using family photos, family crests and favorite interests.

Check Online

If you are planning to indulge this holiday season, check online for the best deals before you go. Many sites increase their prices as the holidays approach, so reserve your tickets early to avoid price inflation and find the best deal.

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