Options For An Underwater Mortgage

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mortage reliefUnfortunately, many streets are crowded with “For Sale” Or “Foreclosure” signs. Keeping up with  payments can be challenging in a wavering economy, which is why many people turn to drastic options to save their homes before it is too late.

The problem is that not all mortgage relief options are good ones. In fact, everyone has a unique financial situation and finding the best mortgage relief option takes much consideration. Before being pressured into second mortgage or loan modification option, review all of the options available and choose the one that produces the most financial relief without disturbing the current mortgage.


Easier said than done is to simply, wait out the tough times. Of course, this takes effort and attention to financial detail. If you are experiencing slight financial trouble, such as a pay cut at work or small increase in expenses, you may be able to maintain your mortgage payments through strict budgeting. This would mean that all extraneous expenses and luxury purchases would  need to be eliminated while you follow a rigid money management plan, where paying the monthly mortgage payment is priority.


Renting out your house can be a good option during tough times when you cannot afford to maintain all of the expenses associated with owning a home. Even in today’s tough market, many people are finding they can rent their home for the price of their mortgage or more. The benefit being that you can maintain your mortgage payment through rental income, while saving money by paying less of your own money in renting a smaller unit with reduced utility expenses.


Refinancing a  mortgage is one way to lower your monthly payments. If you are able to obtain a refinanced loan with an interest rate lower than your current mortgage, your monthly payment can be reduced by hundreds of dollars. Although many lenders are offering refinancing options, getting a good deal isn’t always easy. Many people do not realize the additional costs that come with refinancing a mortgage. When you refinance you are obtaining a new loan, which is subject to closing costs and other fees.


Unlike refinancing, a mortgage loan modification can help reduce your monthly payments without creating a new loan. Many lenders are willing to modify the terms of your current loan to reduce the interest rate, reduce or temporarily suspend monthly payments, waive delinquency fees and even extend the life of the loan.

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