American Airlines Attempts Flying Out Of Bankruptcy

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The American Airlines bankruptcy case has brought a lot of attention to the economic effects on major industries. As the airline has been on a roller coaster ride of debt restructuring many consumers and employees have suffered along the way. Now, the airline is attempting to move forward after a key bankruptcy plan action was approved by the court.

Future of Flying

Less than a month after American won approval to modify pension contracts of employees, the CEO is announcing big plans for the future. Having narrowly dodged a buyout from United Airlines, American wants to show they can reemerge as the nation’s big contender for flight service.

American Airlines has announced plans to fill 2,500 pilot positions over the next five years through new hires and bringing existing pilots out of previously mandated furloughs.  Aiming to ramp up international flights, the company is hoping to regain confidence from consumers and prove to employees the company is a place for career advancement and future security.

New international flights could begin as early as the new year and would include routes:

  • DFW to Lima, Peru, beginning April 2, 2013
  • DFW to Seoul, beginning May 9, 2013
  • Chicago to Dusseldorf, Germany, beginning April 11, 2013
  • NY John F. Kennedy to Dublin, beginning June 12, 2013

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