Bankruptcy Law Firm Doubling To Help Dallas Residents

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Dallas bankruptcy law firm

As the economy continues to challenge us each and every day, many of us are sinking further into debt. Creditors are calling, bills are piling up and some are faced with the threat of foreclosure or wage garnishment. When faced with few options, the burden of debt can seem like a hopeless fight.  But one North Texas bankruptcy law firm feels differently.

Comfort and Support

The Lee Law Firm has expanded their practice and now offers the same compassionate and personalized services to Dallas residents. Having been privileged to serve the residents of Fort Worth, and surrounding areas, the firm has opened a new location to serve Dallas and surrounding areas. Armed with a team of attorneys that aim to help people find the debt relief they need to get their life back, they intend to bring a sense of stability to their clients.

They understand people drowning in debt need comfort, not just legal representation. “A lot of people hesitate to seek help because of the myths and misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy,” Lee notes.   “However, I and my attorneys are here to show them that, if handled properly and according to law, bankruptcy will give them an opportunity to rebuild their credit and provide a measurable relief from debt.”

Making A New Kind Of Difference

The Lee Law Firm is the first in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to offer a unique service to their clients. Their Aftercare Program was developed in order to stand by their clients after their bankruptcy case, offering assistance and support in regaining their credit. The attorneys at the Lee Law Firm continue to work with clients and provide services to repair their credit and regain control over their financial future.


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