Casa Casuarina Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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casa casuarina bankruptcyLuxury homeowners aren’t exempt from the debt, financial struggles, and mortgage pains that can plague ordinary homeowners. On July 1, 2013, Peter Loftin filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy through Casa Casuarina LLC, the company that owns the famed South Beach mansion. In an attempt to prevent foreclosure, Loftin filed for Chapter 11 with the help of a bankruptcy attorney to protect the spectacular oceanfront estate.

Will Chapter 11 Save Casa Casuarina?

Casa Casuarina is a beautiful luxury home that boasts 10 elaborately decorated bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a swimming pool lined with gold. After the Chapter 11 petition was filed, a court-appointed trustee was immediately assigned to the case. So how did this luxurious property become the center of immense financial struggles?

The Casa Casuarina was purchased by Loftin in 2000 for a sum of $19 million. After the purchase, Loftin transformed the estate into a luxury hotel, making it one of the most popular tourist spots on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. However, the property is now on the market for $75 million and there appear to be no immediate buyers. Furthermore, insurance lapses, Villa by Barton G’s departure, and increased mortgage rates haven’t been favorable toward Casa Casuarina LLC.

All of these elements contributed to the Chapter 11 filing with the counsel of a bankruptcy attorney. Initially, Loftin listed the property at $125 million and continued lowering the price to attract buyers. Currently, the Casa Casuarina property is on sale for $75 million. With the property now in the midst of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney, the future of Casa Casuarina is highly uncertain.

Casa Casuarina is the mansion where Gianni Versace, a renowned Italian designer, was murdered in 1997.

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