Do Presidential Candidates Have Plan For Student Loan Debt?

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election, Hillary, trump, Obama, forgive, forgiveness, student loan, debt, bankruptcy, attorney, attorneys, lawyer, lawyers, dallas, texas, tx, fort worth, mckinney, hurst, law firm, tx, bankruptcy process, debt collector, chapter 13,With the election cycle in full swing, there are many students who are desperately trying to determine which candidate will do the most for them with regard to student loan debt should they be voted into the highest office in the free world. If you ask either candidate they will tell you that it is one of their highest priorities and that they are the ones who will solve the problem.

Clinton, at the urging of failed Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders, insisted that the cost of post-secondary schooling be addressed forcefully and comprehensively. Mr. Sander’s idea was to make all post-secondary education free to anyone under a certain economic threshold. While Clinton has not fully endorsed this idea, she does say she has some thoughts on the matter. As for the rising debt load, Clinton has said that she would support a plan to lower the interest rates on current student loan debt enabling students the ability to repay the debts much faster and with less overall output from the students. She also advocates a grace period for grads that start a business out of university or college that would give them a 3 year period with no interest accruing and no payments due.

Trump on the other hand has offered no concrete plan for dealing with the rising debt burden faced by the country’s graduates, but did offer up some platitudes about how the government should not profit from the loans held by students and was dismayed that it seemed that student loans were such a profit center of the Federal Government. It remains to be seen exactly what he would do to combat the problem. Either will be faced with some tough decisions in this regard, let’s all hope they are up to the task.

If you are struggling with student debt it may be wise to set up a consultation with a student loan debt relief attorney.

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