Former CSI Star Files Bankruptcy

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The bankruptcy process is one that can help resolve debts and protect homes from foreclosure from the average citizen to the rich. While you may think that many Hollywood stars are living the life of luxury, the truth is that even the famous have their share of debt troubles.

Debt Detectives

Gary Dourdan, starred for 8 seasons on the popular television show “CSI”, but now the actor is filing for bankruptcy. It was reported Dourdan filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August this year. According to documents, the 45-year-old actor has $1.8 million in assets, but owes $1.73 million. A large chunk, specifically $1,689,704, is owed to various banks, one of which holds his mortgage.

Despite having starred on eight seasons of CBS’ Emmy Award-winning “CSI,” Dourdan claims his monthly disposable income is just $321 after expenses are paid. He allegedly makes $14,883 per month, but $14,562 goes to bills. He “anticipates major acting roles” in the future, however, which will help him pay off his debt.

The bankrupt Dourdan filed an injunction on Aug. 30 to prevent Wells Fargo from putting his Venice, CA. home up for auction in a foreclosure. According to news reports, his financial issues first surfaced in 2010 when he was sued over credit card debt.

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