Octomom Bankruptcy Thrown Out Of Court

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octomomFamous for her IVF treatment and subsequent birth of eight babies, Nadya Suleman filed for bankruptcy earlier this month claiming financial insolvency. The mother to a total of 14 children has kept her in the spotlight for years, but has failed to effectively manager her money despite being paid millions for appearance deals in the last few years. However, the bankruptcy court ruled this week that Suleman’s case would be dismissed.

Case Dismissed

Nadya Suleman listed close to $1 million in debts in her bankruptcy filing earlier this month. Stating she could no longer afford to repay her debts to creditors and claiming only $50,000 in assets, Suleman filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to stall an impending foreclosure on her home in California. However, Suleman failed to complete all of the necessary documentation of the bankruptcy process or prove her financial insolvency. As a result, the court has thrown out her case.

Suleman’s home will be subject to foreclosure as a result of the case being dismissed and is expected to sell for around $400,000. Creditors are also free to resume collection efforts from Suleman, although it is unlikely they will receive any repayment as Suleman recently applied for welfare to support her children. In an attempt to earn additional income, Suleman is now considering several small appearance deals, some of which entail controversial subjects.



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