Sky High Airline Fees

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Airline feesWhat’s the deal with airline fees soaring higher each year? Not only is the cost of the ticket itself rising, but added fees for baggage is also climbing. We now have to pay extra for heavy luggage, carry-on bags, to occupy an aisle seat or whether a ticket was changed .  Passengers arrive at the check in counter prepared and on-time, only to find out there are hidden fees they were not informed about ahead of time.  Not to worry, the U.S. Department of Transportation is issuing a new rule to bring these surprise fees to an end in the next few months.

New Federal Rules Protect Passengers

Effective August 28th of this year, a new federal regulation will require that all fees be disclosed on the airline’s website in an easy to find location.  Airline ticket agents are required to disclose all fees to any person purchasing a ticket over the phone prior to the sale.  Baggage fees, taxes, fees for changing or canceling a reservation must be listed on the website when you buy a ticket. Additionally, the rule states that any fees that are paid to transport a passenger’s luggage will be refunded if the bag is lost.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has already enacted a rule that imposes a maximum of three hour delays on the tarmac; now, any airline that violates this rule will be penalized. The rule also provides protection for passengers that are bumped from a flight, requiring that they be compensated the value of their ticket, up to $650 for short delays and up to $1,300 for longer delays.

The cost to implement this rule to change company websites is expected to impact the airlines significantly.  The protection it will provide passengers is invaluable and hopes to improve the airline industry as more people become pleased with services once again.



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