Strike Debt Purchases $1.1 Million in Medical Debt

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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Though the Occupy Wall Street movement is largely dissolved, it has given birth to a new movement called Strike Debt. The organizers of Strike Debt are fighting back against what they view are unfair health care costs. They note the increasing medical debt that’s burdening many Americans, forcing them to file for bankruptcy. Because many individuals can’t afford their medical bills or insurance coverage, Strike Debt hopes its efforts will not only relieve those struggling with medical debt, but shift the health care paradigm.

Striking Back

Strike Debt is leaving their mark by purchasing medical debt from patients and abolishing their payments. Throughout the states of Kentucky and Indiana, Strike Debt collected over $1.1 million from a thousand patients who are now freed from their medical debt.

Whether or not people agree with Strike Debt’s mission and strategy, the fact remains that medical debt is becoming a larger cause behind people filing for bankruptcy. Strike debt has over half a million dollars on hand to continue purchasing medical debt and relieving citizens from their bills. With some sources citing medical debt as the cause of over two-thirds of bankruptcy filings, Strike Debt doesn’t intend to go anywhere anytime soon.

Throughout their anti-debt movement, Strike Debt claims that they’ve abolished over $11 million so far, most of which was medical debt. While Strike Debt might not be able to help everyone struggling with medical debt, filing for bankruptcy is still an option. For those burdened by medical debt without the respite of Strike Debt, the guidance of a bankruptcy attorney is welcomed. As always, handling the problem early is the best way to avoid complications in the long-run.

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