The Coronavirus and Bankruptcy

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Due to the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus COVID-19 as part of protecting our health, many businesses have been closed. If the United States courts are open at all, many are only operating with limited staff, or the staff is working from home. Smaller courts have been closed due to possible exposure. Due to the staffing situation, court documents, including those for bankruptcy will be delayed in processing, and many courts are rescheduling hearings and meetings, and some are being held over the phone.

Contact Court for New Dates

If you have filed your paperwork with the court, your trustee will keep you updated about upcoming scheduled meetings. If you already had a hearing scheduled, most are being changed to telephone hearings. Check your mail and phone messages for notices from the court whether or not you will be calling in for your hearing. Most courts are not setting new dates for hearings due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. You can contact your trustee to see if they know if any new appointments are scheduled.

Chapter 13 Payments

Continue paying your filing fees and any monthly payments that are due on your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You should submit all of your paperwork and documents like you usually would as if the courts were still open. Keep track of all your deadlines and payment due dates. You do not want to have your case dismissed for missing a deadline.

Your discharge may be delayed due to a short staff in the court systems right now. Your trustee and the court will keep you updated about rescheduling any meetings.

If you are in financial trouble due to the Coronavirus or any other circumstances, contact a Dallas bankruptcy attorney today.

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