Tucson Man Gets Jail Time For Debt Reduction Scam

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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debt fraudTimes are tough. Many people are struggling to reduce their debts and stay out of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, tough times generate a sense of individualism and spark an increase in scams and fraudulent business practices. For many families in Tucson, Arizona, victimization of this sort has become all too real.



Do The Crime, Do The Time

A Pima County Superior Court Judge sentenced Gary Allan to 13 years in jail and ordered to pay nearly $300,000 in restitution for his crimes against others. Operating as a religious-based credit counseling agency, Allan provided many Tucson residents with, what they thought was, legitimate debt reduction services. Advertising at  local churches and religious functions, Gary Allan was able to lure many unsuspecting consumers into his office for help.

Promising to negotiate with creditors, provide foreclosure help and make payments on their behalf, Allan preyed on those in financial trouble.  He was found guilty of failing to complete the services he charged customers for and intentionally withdrawing money out of the accounts of customers. Allan collected monthly paychecks for non-existent services while his victims lost their money and homes. Actions like these are not uncommon, but courts around the nation are cracking down on this type of crime and sending a message that such actions will not be tolerated.



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