Best States for Paying Back Student Loan Debt

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student loan, debt, bankruptcy, attorney, attorneys, lawyer, lawyers, dallas, texas, tx, fort worth, mckinney, hurst, law firm, tx, bankruptcy process, debt collector, chapter 13,There has been no shortage of debate in the media and on the election campaign trail with regard to the current levels of student debt. The main topics of discussion have been the interest being charged and whether repayment is even possible in the uncertain economic climate we are facing today. Upon further research, there still seems to be pockets of the country that make good on student loan debt at a higher ratio than others. While there are many reasons for this, there were criteria established when compiling this data based on a 7 point system including median income for a BA holder, unemployment rate of 2015, and percentage of classes graduating with debt.

Average amount of outstanding debt, % of students who began repayment within 3 years of graduation, average tuition fees state to state for under grads and average job growth rate across a state.

With the methodology used the best states for repayment were #10 North Dakota, #9 Nebraska, #8 Colorado, #7 Louisiana, #6 Utah, #5 Kansas, #4 Virginia, #3 Wyoming, #2 Texas and lastly at #1 Washington State.

While there is quite obviously certain criterion that makes loan repayment more likely state to state like job availability and median income for certain positions there is an undeniable disparity in the amount of student loan being repaid from state to state.

The current climate and discussion has certainly brought this issue to the forefront in many business circles and even further throughout mainstream society; an issue that seems no closer to being resolved now than any other time in history. If you have questions regarding your student loan debt seek out the advice of a qualified student loan debt relief lawyer to discuss your options.

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