Top Reasons For Wage Garnishment

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Wage GarnishmentHaving your wages garnished can put a significant amount of financial pressure on anyone. In  many cases, a person experiencing wage garnishment has already been having financial trouble, which is exacerbated by further financial complications. Luckily, there are ways to stop your wages from being garnished, but the best way to protect your money is to prevent yourself from ending up in a position to have them garnished in the first place.



Back Taxes

Owing the IRS money is serious business and they can be aggressive with their collection efforts. Having unpaid taxes are stressful enough, but the IRS does hold the power to garnish your wages in order to collect their money. Always contact the IRS directly to negotiate a repayment plan as soon as you think you cannot make your tax liability payments.

Unpaid Domestic Support Payments

If you have unpaid child or spousal support payments, the court may issue a wage garnishment order in order to collect on the money owed. Domestic support payments are not easily overlooked by the court and failing to pay them can result in serious consequences. If you are having trouble meeting your domestic support obligations, contact an attorney to help you file a motion with the court.

Defaulting On Student Loans

The government is not very forgiving when it comes to defaulting on student loan payments. These payments are difficult to have discharged in bankruptcy and are best dealt with between you and the lender.


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