Wage Garnishment In Texas

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If you have ever had your wages garnished you know how tricky the process can be, especially if you are working to stop the efforts. Luckily, there are ways to fight wage garnishment and take back control of your income. The first step is understanding how the process works and the difference in garnishment laws across the states.

Exception To The Rule

While the federal wage garnishment laws do not restrict which type of debts can be collectable by garnishment, many states do. For example, Texas laws do not allow wage garnishment for debts other than child support, back taxes, court ordered fines of federally guaranteed student loans. While thisĀ  may seem like a good thing, the trick is that these debts are also not, typically, eligible for discharge in Texas bankruptcy.

So what can you do? Even though these debts may still be garnished under Texas law and are not generally not eligible for discharge in bankruptcy, you can still take control. Contact the lender that is garnishing your wages and discuss your options. You may be able to negotiate a payment plan directly with your lender. Even if your debts have not yet been garnished you can avoid the process by staying in open contact with your lender, many lenders are willing to work with you before you even miss a payment.

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