Wage Garnishment: Keeping Your Money

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wage garnishmentHaving your wages garnished for unpaid debts can lead to serious financial trouble. If you are unable to pay your debts and your creditor obtains a legal garnishment order, chances are you are going to be left in worse financial condition once your paycheck is reduced. It is important to know two things about wage garnishment (1) it is often a last resort collection tool for creditors and (2) stopping a garnishment is not always easy.

Proactive Measures

The best way to deal with wage garnishment is to stop it from happening. It is not an easy process for creditors because they have to file documents with the court and wait for court approval before they can begin the garnishment practices. Therefore, you have time to stop it before the court order is approved. To do that you must first acknowledge your debts and contact your creditors. Communication is key when working to avoid wage garnishment. The second most important aspect of preventing wage garnishment is to pay your debts, even if that amount is the bare minimum. However, you must get an approved payment arrangement with your creditor. Once you arrange a payment schedule with your creditor directly, get a copy of the arrangement to keep in your records.

Reactive Measures

If a garnishment order has already been approved by the court and your employer has been notified, you are likely to experience several months where your paycheck wages are removed to pay the creditor. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot stop the garnishment order. The first step is to seek counsel from an attorney to evaluate your options. A bankruptcy attorney or financial attorney can help review your situation and file a motion to get the garnishment order stopped right away. It is important to remember that ¬†once wages have been garnished you will not be able to get them back, but you prevent your future wages from being taken with the help of a professional.

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