Business Litigation

Lee Law Firm’s Litigation Clients

The Lee Law Firm is a regional firm with five of the area’s top lawyers. They serve clients from all walks of life in a variety of situations. The Lee Law Firm attorneys specialize in various areas of bankruptcy, debt, finance, business and litigation law. Their clients include the average citizen suffering with mortgage or financial troubles, to big businesses that need help managing their legal problems.

As one of the most personalized law firms in the area, the Lee Law Firm aims to provide every client, big or small, with the individualized attention and care they need to successfully navigate the legal process. They serve clients in the areas of personal and business bankruptcy, foreclosure, mortgage modification, tax debt, corporate law, litigation and commercial law. Helping clients from all industries has allowed the Lee Law Firm attorneys to experience and grow from negotiating complex projects and navigating rapidly changing technology and business environments.

  • Impact Heat, Inc
  • Legal Motion, Inc
  • TLS Logic, LLC
  • JMR Roofing, Inc.
  • CLM Worldwide, LLC
  • Bushido Productions, LLC
  • Pat Burleson’s Legends Martial Arts, Inc
  • Scroggins Landscape Company, Inc.