Credit Tips For 18 and Up

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credit tipsFor many who have recently turned 18, the world is now full of opportunities that weren’t there before.  But instead of buying lottery tickets or nonessentials, why not take advantage of the credit that is now available to you?  Using credit responsibly at your age can build good practices now that will keep you away from credit debt in the future.  Also, it will make life easier for you when you need to obtain serious credit later on down the road.

What You Can Do

The most important credit tips we can give you all relate to responsibility.  Never do anything that makes you uncomfortable; never compromise your financial security with your use of credit.

That being said, get a credit card.  Something simple, no-frills, with a small line of credit will do.  If you have never had a line of credit before, that’s all you will be eligible for anyway.  Now, use this card a few times a month, and wait until the end of the month to pay off the balance.

Simple, right?  By using this card, you demonstrate to creditors that you are a responsible, trustworthy borrower.  Before long, you’ll be getting offers for cards that actually pay you.  Just be sure you pay off the cards every month!

When you use credit responsibly and establish a good credit score, you develop practices that will keep you out of credit debt].  You also will find it easier to get a mortgage, lower interest rates, and better payment plans for those big loans you might need later on in life!

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