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debt and creditEver since the financial crash of 2008, credit scores have been more important than ever – and this has been a source of much debt negotiation. Most people who have tried to get any sort of loan over the course of the past few years have noticed that it is increasingly difficult to be able to get lending institutions to work with them. This is because all of the credit that institutions were handing out left and right prior to the crash now makes those institutions extremely nervous due to the financial insolvency of many individuals in the current market. In order to get a good loan these days, it is important to have a clean and crisp credit score to show to those institutions.

It’s Your Score

The best way to get your credit score is by contacting one of three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. These bureaus are required to send you an update on your credit score for free once a year when you request it. Once you have a credit score in your hand, evaluate where you are. Generally speaking, “good” credit is considered a FICO score of about 700. If you have credit rating that is below this, you may have a difficult time getting mortgage loans, auto loans, or virtually any other kind of loan.  If you believe that your credit score is incorrect, be sure to get in touch with a credit lawyer or credit attorney to learn more about what actions may be taken in your particular case.

For those who need to improve their credit score, the best way to go about doing so is by paying your bills on time and reducing any credit card balances that you may have. Make sure to at least pay the minimum credit card payment every month and avoid opening any further lines of credit if your credit rating is less than ideal. When you follow these guidelines, your credit score will improve rapidly. Once you get your credit under control, you’ll find that your credit negotiations look a lot brighter than they may have previously!

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