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When it comes to dealing with creditors we tend to dodge phone calls rather than make them. If you are considering debt negotiation, you would be better served being the aggressor when it comes to making calls and discussing your account.

What Is In A Good Call?

When you contact a creditor to discuss your debt it is important that you prepare ahead of time for the conversation to come. First, realize that your creditor may not be very flexible, or even willing, to negotiate at first. This means that you will need to be persistent, but also polite. Threats or rude words won’t get you anywhere.

Also, be sure you have an idea of what you can afford to pay each month. Telling a creditor you cannot pay at all is not likely to get you any help. Instead, focus on the amount that you feel you can pay and even offer to set up an automatic payment system each month. This shows the creditor that you have intentions of repaying the debt and are simply looking for a modified payment.

Last, remember that you may need to make several phone calls or even speak with a supervisor. Debt negotiations rarely take place in one phone call, rather the most successful negotiations occur after several attempts to work out a deal and may even require documentation of your financial hardship. Be willing to put it all on the line and demonstrate your financial troubles by sending lack of income or copies of other debt accounts to show your need for modifications in your payment.

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