Spotting Debt Relief Scams

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When looking to work your way out of credit debt there are many aspects to consider, one of which is finding legitimate help. Unfortunately, there are just as many non-reputable companies out there looking to make an easy dollar off of unsuspecting debtors. However, you don’t have to be one of them. Here is what to look for:

Upfront fees: This is one of  the first, and biggest, warning signs. Paying for services upfront based on a promise to negotiate debts with your creditor is risky, especially when these services are not guaranteed. The truth is that your creditor holds the power of approval and any service provider that “promises” or “guarantees” they can help you should be an indication you aren’t seeking the right kind of help.

Sales approach: While it may seem normal for a debt relief agency to try to sell you on using their services, the fact is that a high quality service sells itself. A company that seems pushy or trying to get you to agree to working with them before you leave your initial consultation may not be looking out for your best interest. A reputable company knows they don’t need high pressure tactics, because they know that you can be convinced by their reputation.

Unlicensed staff: It can be hard to decipher who is a true professional in the field of debt relief and who is simply “trained on the job”. Anytime you are handling a matter as delicate as your finances and credit, it is important that you only use professionals who are properly trained and licensed. Look for staff to hold degrees in finance, accounting or law.

If you are concerned about finding quality help for your debt, contact a debt negotiation lawyer. Many offer free initial consultation to review your financial situation and discuss your options. To pay a small fee for debt relief is well worth the money, especially when you have the peace of mind of an experienced lawyer on your side.

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