Occupy Foreclosure Protestors May Face Lawsuits

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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occupy foreclosureAs many local government shut down protestor camps for the Occupy movement, many local groups have begun shifting their focus to new battles. Now the foreclosure crisis is at the top of the list of demands for some Occupy groups across the country. Vowing to occupy foreclosures and help homeowners fight eviction, many of these groups may face opposition much faster than in past protests.


A Sit In Gone Wrong?

Up until now, Occupy groups have dodged many legal issues and avoided prosecution for evoking their right to protest. While the First Amendment protects much of what the Occupy movement has been engaged in for months, the court may soon take a stand against their new efforts. Citing the right to protest on the street or sidewalk, but no allowance for occupation of personal property, local authorities are developing their strategy. However, activists continue to stand firm and are refusing to vacate certain foreclosures

It is such refusals and unwillingness to cooperate that has lead to many arrests in past Occupy camps when local authorities intervened with code enforcement. Not wanting to spur an incident similar to the large scuffle with police on the Brooklyn Bridge back in September, authorities are proceeding slowly with their enforcement actions. So far, big banks and lenders have stayed quiet about the issue and are hoping for a silent resolution.


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