Oregon Woman Fighting Wrongful Foreclosure

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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There have been many instances in which families lost their homes through unlawful or wrongful foreclosures. Aside from an already turbulent mortgage lending market due to robo-signing, many lenders are also making costly mistakes. One Oregon woman is nearing the end of a three-year battle with her lender over one such mistake.

The Long Road Home

Dee Dingman of Tualatin, Oregon says she is exhausted after a three-year fight with Wells Fargo for mistakenly entering her home into foreclosure. Ms. Dingman says she, and her late husband, have lived in their home since 1967. After her husband passed away in 2008, she took out a new mortgage on the home in order to pay off his medical bills.

Never missing a payment on the $308,000 loan, Dingman accuses Wells Fargo of allowing her payment history to slip through the cracks during their acquisition of Wachovia in 2009. Her bank records uphold her claim by demonstrating her mortgage payments were deposited by Wells Fargo over the years in question. Despite this evidence, Wells Fargo continues to have an open and active judicial foreclosure case against her.

N0t only has she had to return to working at the age of 79 in order to maintain her payments, she incurred over $10,000 in foreclosure attorney fees to help resolve the dispute.

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