Supreme Court Justice Accused Of Mortgage Fraud

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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In a time where even the rich or healthily employed are having a hard time keeping finances in order, it is of no surprise that even a Supreme Court Justice could face mortgage trouble. What does come at a surprise are allegations she committed mortgage fraud in attempt to dodge foreclosure.

FBI Investigates

The FBI is looking into a case where a Michigan Supreme Court Justice was involved in a questionable real estate deal. Her $1.5 million waterfront home in Grosse Pointe Park began racking up more than $600,000 in mortgage debt, by which she managed in an allegedly unscrupulous manner. Accused of shuffling assets to family members prior to selling the home for $850,000 in a short sale, the Justice’s actions to erase her debts of over half a million dollars began looking like a sophisticated shell game .

News first came to light about the as part of a local news channel investigation when it was revealed that the previously deeded over properties were returned back to the Justice and her husband after the short sale. A further probe revealed the concealing of assets appeared intentional for the sole purpose of demonstrating financial hardship, resulting in the short sale approval by the lender. So far, the Justice and her attorney have declined to comment on the situation.

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