Artsy Take On The Foreclosure Problem

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foreclosure art showThere is no doubt that the American Dream of home ownership has taken a hit in recent years. The once picturesque neighborhood has turned to one plagued by short sale and foreclosure signs. As more people are forced out of their homes, one art exhibit aims to change our view of the future of home ownership.

A New View

The Museum of Modern Art in New York has a new exhibit titled “Foreclosed: Rebuilding the American Dream”, which displays an artistic spin on what the future of home ownership could look like in some urban areas. Having worked with architectural design firms, the whimsical exhibit showcases the potential for bringing home ownership back into the realm of possibility with a few creative changes.

The idea behind the exhibit was to showcase the kinds of communities today’s economy and housing market could support. Leaving the old ideas of “home” behind the exhibit features radical ideas such as a high rise apartment building that has built in water storage tanks on the rooftops and a community composting plant in the center of the building’s park.

The idea of a “recombinant house” is also featured, which is a design feature that boasts smaller living areas wrapped around a large, central living room. This style was designed to showcase a more practical solution for home ownership in large or immigrant families, who can live together and contribute to a single mortgage rather than live in separate houses nearby. ¬†Other features include the idea of “portable” mortgages, which attach loans to the borrower rather than the property itself; an idea that would put investing in the industry in a whole new light.


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