Occupy Foreclosure Protestors Meet Resistance

: Chris Lee Law Firm

  Filed under: Foreclosure

occupy foreclosureAfter weeks of peaceful protests in the name of fighting foreclosures, one Occupy Movement is meeting some resistance from an unlikely source. It isn’t authorities that are cracking down, but a homeowner from New York who wants the protestors to leave his home.

Making A Statement

In the wake of the foreclosure crisis, many Occupy movements have struck up around the nation helping homeowners fight back in hopes of negotiating loan modifications or other alternatives. Many of the movements have been successful in their endeavors, but one homeowner wants nothing to do with their efforts.

Wise Ahadzi’s home has been vacant for some time now as he works to resolve his mortgage debts and stave of foreclosure on his Brooklyn home. In early December, Ahadzi received news that Occupy Foreclosure protestors had moved a homeless family into his vacant home in efforts to take a stand against the home’s lender. Since the news broke the homeless family has left but protestors still remain, to which Ahadzi has had enough. Mr. Ahadzi is now fighting protestors that are reportedly planning to buy the home in an auction.



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