War Vet Saved From Foreclosure By Occupy Protestors

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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Occupy AtlantaAs the Occupy movement has shifted its focus from Wall Street to local neighborhoods, protestors are now taking on big banks to help stave off foreclosures for local residents. The Occupy foreclosure movement has gained a lot of ground in recent weeks, spurring one  of the biggest controversial actions since the movement began.

Local authorities are looking for ways to cite the protestors for code violations and trespassing, but so far no arrests have been made. While the movement spreads to other cities, many local homeowners are finding some glimmer of hope that they may be able to avoid foreclosure with the movement’s help.

Speaking Out For Others

The Occupy Atlanta movement was successful in helping an Iraq War veteran save her home from foreclosure earlier this week. The protestors began occupying the home of Brigitte Walker on December 6th and were contacted by Walker’s lender by the end of the week. The lender, who now is willing to proceed with a loan modification offer, was previously reported by Walker to be unresponsive to modification requests.

Occupy Atlanta organizer, Tim Franzen credits Walker and her veteran history for helping push lenders into a solution, although Walker feels quite differently. “I strongly believe Occupy Atlanta accelerated the process and helped save my home,” Walker says. “If it had not been for them standing up, I probably wouldn’t be having this happy ending.”


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