Dealing With the IRS Debt: Persistency

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tax debtNobody likes having to deal with the IRS.  Truth be told, not even tax lawyers are too fond of trying to get results from the IRS.  While there are a lot of programs that the Internal Revenue Service offers taxpayers who are interested in debt negotiation, sometimes you have a unique situation that can’t be resolved by a standard program.  If this is the case, you have to be persistent

How to Get What You Need

What’s the key?  The big secret?  Persistency (and, a good tax attorney can be a big help, too!).  If you’re struggling in the debt negotiation process, you have to be persistent.  It’s the only way to get the IRS’s attention.  After all, the IRS handles a lot of taxpayers.  Those who have the loudest voice win.

If any of the tax debt resolution programs (e.g. Offer-in-compromise, installment plan) work for your case, then definitely go that route.  These programs are designed to be effective and to streamline the process.  But, if your situation is unique, and can’t be resolved with one of these programs, get ready to practice some serious persistency!

Debt negotiation can be a long process.  Having a tax debt lawyer that can help you along the way is invaluable!  A good lawyer is persistent, and can jump some of the lines that you would have to wait in by going through the process alone.

Don’t delay anymore on beginning your debt negotiation process.  With persistency, you can accomplish anything – even if it involves the IRS!

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