Have You Considered Hiring A Short Sale Negotiator

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mortgage modificationA short sale negotiation is and does as their title suggests—they are experts in the art of the short sale negotiation. This is no small feat, as many short sales collapse because they began on tenuous grounds. Banks are losing money in a short sale, and need to be assured that there is no possible way they will recover this lost profit by any other means. The short sale negotiator is as much an expert in selling your home to the bank as he is in selling it to a buyer and buyer’s agent.

The short sale negotiator holds banks accountable, makes a statement

The short sale negotiator will save you countless hours haggling with the bank. He should know the market your home is in, and have an in-depth understanding of your lenders services and short sale practices.

The negotiator will work with the bank’s loss litigator. In some ways, this ‘confrontational’ approach to dealing with the bank spares you bank theatrics and can expedite the process. There are many documents that can be lost or expire during the short sale negotiation process. The short sale negotiator will hold your lending institution accountable, and spare you the run around from the loss mitigation department.

Short sale negotiators are goal oriented

Short sale negotiators are usually only paid if they get results. Because of this, most short sale negotiators are serious about seeing your short sale to success because they don’t get paid otherwise. Because short sales are time-sensitive, you can expect your negotiator to work quickly and effectively, forcing the bank to do the same.

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