What If My Tax Debt Is Inaccurate?

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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tax debtIt isn’t uncommon for tax debt liability to be calculated incorrectly, either by the taxpayer or the IRS. There have been cases in which people who owed more than they could afford, entered an IRS payment plan wrongly due to inaccurate calculations. These innocent taxpayers ended up paying more than they actually owed because they failed to double check their tax liabilities or question the IRS. Most people assume that they have little recourse when it comes to disputing information with the IRS, when in fact it is the taxpayer’s job to do so if they feel their tax is inaccurate.

Requesting A  Review

Every taxpayer has the right to request a review of tax liability with the IRS, unless they are suspects of tax fraud. For the average taxpayer, questioning the IRS is their right and responsibility in the case of error. A review can be requested via written correspondence or by contacting the IRS directly on the phone.

When the IRS conducts a tax liability review they will be checking all of the supporting documents associated with the taxpayer’s tax return. This includes information regarding income, expenses, deductions and contributions. It is the taxpayer’s duty to ensure the IRS has all of the necessary documentation and that this information is filled out correctly. In some cases, tax liability errors are simply the result of inaccurate personal information such as Social Security Numbers.


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