How much does it cost to file?

How much does it cost me, the client, to file a bankruptcy?

Every case is different; therefore, every fee is different.  What I can promise you is that, together, we will come up with something that you can afford.  I take this process very seriously. When it comes to stopping a foreclosure to save your home, stopping a garnishment or repossession, I will not let you leave my office over money.  My main goal is for you to get the relief that you need to get back on your feet again.

We are unable to quote fees because every situation is different.  However, when or if you come in, the attorneys will give you a price once they have evaluated your situation.  We do not low ball you just to get you in the door like a lot of other law firms.  We don’t want to mislead anyone.  We do promise our fee is fair and affordable.  We never let a client leave because they could not pay us.  That’s not what we are about.

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