Lee Law Firm Aftercare Program

We Finish What We Started

Many law firms may be able to handle your bankruptcy case. But you won’t find any that are willing to stand by you after your case is finished. So many people worry about their credit score and how bankruptcy will impact their future ability to get credit. The average bankruptcy lawyer does not care about your case after you receive a discharge, but I do!

I have heard many lawyers say “it’s not my problem” or “we don’t handle that issue”, referring to their clients credit worries. That’s why, I started my Aftercare Program. I know what it is like to need help getting back on your feet, which is why The Lee Law Firm treats every client as a member of our own family.

Throughout your bankruptcy case, our attorneys have developed a bond with you and genuinely care about your situation. I practice law because I care about people. I started this Aftercare Program so that we could stand by you after your bankruptcy and help you regain control over every aspect of your financial future.

Our Aftercare Program will:

  1. We use your credit report to ensure the credit reporting agencies are accurately reporting information to your credit report.
  2. Draft and send cease and desist letters to all credit reporting agencies that are not accurately reporting to your credit report for the next 9 months.
  3. Stay in direct contact with you about all the progress being made on in your matter
  4. File a suit in Federal Court against all credit reporting agencies that fail to comply and correctly report to your credit report

This program was designed to help you repair your credit as quickly as possible. We know you need to move on with your life and begin to obtain credit in the future.  Our promise through this program is to stay with you and help you obtain the financial future you have been fighting for!

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