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Free Bankruptcy and Debt Presentations

The Lee Law Firm offers free presentations aimed at providing consumers more information on a variety of bankruptcy topics. Developed to better educate consumers about the basics of the bankruptcy process, these presentations are informative and written in a way to help just about anyone. We offer presentations to consumers, organizations, special interest groups, employers, financial advisors and local organizations. A list of presentation topics is provided below.

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Presentations Available (but not limited to):

Bankruptcy Basics

1.       Chapter 7 overview

2.       Chapter 13 overview

3.       Chapter 11 overview

4.       Myths about bankruptcy

5.       What can I be guaranteed when filing for bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy Planning

1.       Where should one file a bankruptcy case and why?  Good vs. bad venues.

2.       Exemptions, what can I keep if I file bankruptcy?

3.       What do I continue to pay for?


Rules and the new law

1.       What’s this new law that was passed?

2.       Are there new rules about bankruptcy?

3.       Is bankruptcy even available these days?

4.       Does this new law affect me?

5.       The mega banks are getting a bailout, can I get one too?


Case law updates

1.       Is there new case law?

2.       And how can it be used for me or against me?


Bankruptcy and Divorce

1.       I want a divorce and I’m broke, what are the rules in this regard?

2.       Should I just file and forget it?

3.       Will all of my debts still be discharged?

4.       Are there any pitfalls in this ‘family law’ area of bankruptcy?



1.       Is my life over after bankruptcy?

2.       Can I rebuild my credit and if so how?

3.       Is there such a thing as honest professional help in this area after bankruptcy?

4.       Is this really a fresh start for me and my family?