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Even in the midst of a turbulent economy, more Americans seem to be fairing their debt burdens better than a few years ago. Studies show that bankruptcy filings are lower than they have been in three years. While this is likely due to multiple factors, many are suggesting that changes to certain bankruptcy rules are the reason for the recent trend.
In 2005, bankruptcy code changes made it more difficult for filers to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many experts are attributing these changes for the decline in bankruptcy filings as many people are either seeking to file for Chapter 13 or attempting to resolve their debts on their own. In either case, consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney before making any decisions about debt relief options can be highly informative and helpful to people from all walks of life.
What's New With Us!
We are proud to introduce several new employees to our great staff. Michelle Riggins has advanced her way up from clerk to one of our highly trained paralegals. We have hired a new client relations manager, Deanna Graham. Her extensive experience in customer service and relations will help her extend the compassionate attitude towards clients our law firm is proud to provide.
Our pre-petition manager got married last month and we all wish her a lifetime of happiness. We would also like to congratulate one of our post petition paralegals on the upcoming birth of her child. The Lee Law Firm is happy to be able to celebrate all of the special moments in the lives of all of our staff; it's what nourishes our unique approach to serving clients every day!
Vol. 1, Issue 1.
December 2011
CEO Quote
The end of my representation is the highlight of serving clients, because that's when I know that the client has received what they have needed for so long. They have that fresh start and they have begun the rebuilding process. When they leave with a smile on their face and weight lifted off their weary shoulders. That's what it's all about! —Chris Lee
What Clients Are Saying
Although I have always known being an entrepreneur entails risk, I never imagined the setback that my family would be served when my business failed. I also never imagined that I would need assistance from a bankruptcy attorney. My perception of bankruptcy clients was simply one of overspending, irresponsible individuals who chose not to live within their means.
After a battle of several years to keep my family's finances afloat, I reluctantly decided to consult Lee Law Firm regarding alternative options. After an initial consultation, I immediately began to feel a weight lifted from my shoulders; I finally had a plan and a timeline to resolve my financial problems when previously there had been no end in sight. There was no pressure- just sound financial advice. Every staff member and attorney I have come in contact with has been friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. During a very difficult time for my family, Lee Law firm has made the process virtually painless.
If you are someone who is struggling or is facing financial uncertainty, I would highly recommend Chris Lee and his fantastic team. It's obvious they care about their clients and improving people's lives. — Jon R.
Money Management Tips
As the year draws to a close we begin thinking back about the past year and making resolutions for the year ahead. How about setting new financial goals for the year 2012? We could all use a little help managing our money better and spending less.
A great way to get on track for the New Year is to attend a credit counseling course. Although these courses are required for those who enter bankruptcy, they can offer great tools for anyone looking to learn a few tricks for smart money management. Learn how to create and follow a budget, save money with ease and use credit wisely.
Let's all plan to put in the extra effort to make 2012 a financially solid year for our families!
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While celebrations may differ based on various cultural and religious traditions, there are very few places that will not be celebrating this holiday season.
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