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Vol. 3, Issue 4.

April 2013
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Bankruptcy News
Later this month, bankruptcy attorneys from all over the nation  will gather in San Diego at an annual conference. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) hosts this gathering each year to facilitate the professional development of those who serve hardworking consumers just like you. Their mission is to provide a meeting ground where attorneys can learn from one another, exchange ideas on how to improve customer service and review the changing laws governing the bankruptcy process.
As part of the Lee Law Firm’s mission to uphold the highest   standards of customer care, we have some big changes going on. Owner, Christopher Lee, is now a certified debt arbitrator and counselor. Accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), this certification is the leading measure of competency among debt relief professionals today.
We also have new office location serving residents of the Wichita Falls, TX area, and our principal office got a new look. The Hurst location is now the proud title sponsor of the building, boasting an impressive new sign along the top of the building. Illuminating this construction packed corridor, the Lee Bankruptcy Building sign is a sight for eyes at night! Come check out all the ways we are looking to be the area’s leading provider of compassionate customer service.
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Q & A With Mr. Lee
How adversely does a short sale effect you and what can you do to recover from it? — K.O.
A short sale harms your credit just a like not paying a credit card debt. It’s an account that has not been paid in full. To recover from this, the advice is always the same; establish a responsible borrowing history. You will need to incur debt, preferably a secured line of credit, and make timely payments every month.
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"The art is not in making money, but in keeping it."

- Proverb

Money Management Tips
People who are considering filing for bankruptcy or have already sought the help of the process have one thing in common; the chance to change their financial habits for the better. Even if you didn’t end up in financial hardship due to poor money management, chances are you weren’t exactly protected by a giant savings account either.
The first step towards securing a stable financial future is your everyday money management habits. Whether you already found new credit or are thinking of applying, remember to view your debt payments as a priority expenses in your budget. Secured debts like mortgages and car loans are always top priority when it comes to making payments each month. While you don’t want to default on any account, be sure you have a set aside enough money to cover these payments in the event your income level drops unexpectedly.
One easy way to do this is a separate savings account that acts as a safety net. Make it a priority to put money into this account each month like you do a regular savings account. Don’t touch the money in this account and use it only as a source of overflow funds if the unexpected happens. Protecting your home, car and personal property is essential for maintaining a stable financial future for your family.
What Clients Are Saying
I am a single mom with two children, and I also support my grand-children. I would like to start off by complimenting you and your staff for your professionalism, gracefulness, and discreetness in the way you handled my case.
Previously I had a case with another attorney who allowed my case to be dismissed, because I did not do my paperwork correctly after two appointments with her office, and I was going to lose my home. On entrance to your office, I was greeted by friendly, respectful staff that handled my case quickly and put me at ease. I was at wit’s end when I opened your letter explaining how to do things. There was magic and hope in your words.
I think your staff is God sent; they answered all of my questions and guided me through what I needed to do, from your receptionist to your attorneys. My last attorney was very unprofessional. At my first appointment she told me about her day in court with her husband wanting to take the children. She asked for $1400 at that 10 minute meeting, and after that, I never saw her again nor did she return any of my calls. You can understand the comfort I felt when I dealt with Lee Law Firm. I am glad I chose Lee Law Firm, and I have referred you to all my friends and passed out a stack of business cards that I was given at my first visit. -- R. Jones

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