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Vol. 3, Issue 5.

May 2013
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Bankruptcy News
When it comes to dealing with debt there are many opinions as to which strategy is best for pursuing financial freedom. The debt relief industry is partial to advocating plans like debt consolidation or debt settlement, while other experts suggest credit counseling and a firm debt management plan are best. Although these are all viable options for managing your debts, there are a few considerations you should make.
  1. Only bankruptcy can put an immediate stop to debt collections, wage garnishments, collection lawsuits, repossession or foreclosure.
  2. Strategies like debt consolidation and debt settlement often entail hid-den terms that could cost you more in the long run.
  3. Chances are your credit has already taken a huge hit from delinquent account standings and non-bankruptcy options may not be able to re-move your negative account history.
  4. Filing for bankruptcy may better protect your income, assets and chances at future credit than other strategies; especially if you are deal-ing with complex or jointly held debts.
Any professional bankruptcy attorney will tell you that it is important to review all of your options for debt relief before choosing bankruptcy. How-ever, it is important that you are honest about the state of your affairs and work quickly in order to prevent further consequences of mounting debts.
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Q & A with Mr. Lee
What is your golden rule for using credit cards?
Use the card frequently, and pay off the balance every month. Never use the card more than that what you can afford to pay off in two months.
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"Never spend your money before you have it."

- Thomas Jefferson

Money Management Tips
As summer approaches many of us have one thing on our minds; family vacation. Unfortunately, for many families a summer vacation is often accompanied by more debt. However, you don’t have to stress your finan-cial situation to have fun this summer. Here are a few tricks for enjoying your time together without increasing your credit card balance:
  1. Consider a staycation. These days more people are staying local to have fun together. Your local visitor's bureau or chamber of com-merce can point you in the direction of local events, activities and hot spots for family fun. Even better? Many of these local activities are free or cost very little. The idea is to find places you can afford to pay in cash and not be tempted into using credit cards to cover your costs for summertime fun.
  2. Drive, camp or picnic. If you do decide to go out of town for a fun time, consider a vacation spot that is within driving distance instead of flying. A tank of gas each way is far more affordable than a single airfare. If you are into the outdoors, look for campsites or even into renting a small RV. Camping is fun for the whole family, but will also save you hundreds compared to a pricey hotel room. You can also reduce your food bill by stopping at grocery stores to pick up picnic essentials, rather than eating out at restaurants during your trip.
Take these tips into consideration and plan your summer vacation well in advance. Preparation is the key to staying within your budget!
What Clients Are Saying
Everybody I have encountered and meet with at Lee Law Firm has been positive and encourag-ing. And that is exactly what I needed because nobody looks forward to going through bankruptcy. The staff was honest about my situation and put my mind at ease about the process, and for the first time in months I was able to relax and focus on getting out of my financial situation with hope of starting over.
I would recommend Lee Law firm of friends and family because I feel like they have my best interest at heart. — Brad H.

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