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There has been much attention over the American Airlines bankruptcy filing in recent weeks. With the potential to significantly impact our local communities through the success or failure of the case, many North Texas residents are keeping a close eye on the dealings.
The American Airlines bankruptcy has not only sparked concern among locals, but has also brought up some important questions. What is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy? and How are debts resolved under such cases?
A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a type of debt restructuring for businesses and large corporations. Similar to a personal Chapter 13, it allows businesses to reorganize their finances and remain in operation while they work to re­solve their debts with creditors. In most large cases, such as the American Airlines case, the company will sell off assets, cut expenses and develop plans to regain profitability.
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I want to say again how much I appreciate the way you handled my case so far. This is very hard and I tried everything I could to not go this route. I have had numerous ads for this avenue and I am grateful that I called your firm. You have allowed me and my wife to maintain some dignity. Thank you again,— D. Williamson
Consider This
Estate planning covers legal and practical issues after you die. In many cases, those who are left behind must deal with the decisions about funeral arrangements, the will, life insurance policies and much more.
The Lee Law Firm offers estate planning services to clients. We feel preparation is important and are pleased to assist families in planning for their futures. A traditional estate plan can cost upwards of $1,200, but we provide these services for only $500—a 40% savings!
Vol. 2, Issue 2.
February 2012
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Having the opportunity to person­ally meet with clients brings me back to the real reason that I do this and why I love it so much.

When I get the feeling that I have truly helped the client, I know that they appreciate what we are doing for them. That is why I do this.

-- Chris Lee

What's New With Us!
Christopher Lee has recently been recognized as an AVVO rated attorney. AVVO is a national website that evaluates and rates the knowledge and professionalism of lawyers around the country. Their attorneys are widely recognized by the legal community for profes­sional conduct and experience.
Mr. Lee has been an active AVVO attorney since the open­ing of his law firm. Since then he has gained recognition within the AVVO community as a top bankruptcy attorney for his area. His infor­mative articles have helped bring a better sense of understanding about bankruptcy to consumers and the community. He strives to provide information that can be beneficial to anyone looking to file bank­ruptcy, as well as exchange ideas among other bankruptcy profession­als.
Being granted this recognition is a top honor for Mr. Lee. Holding an AVVO rated status will allow him to continue to display his expertise in a competitive field and provide the highest quality services to his clients. Join us in congratulating Mr. Lee for his award!
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Money Management Tips
No one intentionally sets out to get themselves deep into debt, but it can happen to the best of us when unforeseen life circumstances arise. While debt isn’t inherently bad for you, it often becomes a source of tension when it gets out of hand. The good news is that you don’t have to wonder what living debt free is like.
A debt management plan is a plan that outlines your specific budget and allocates a portion of your income towards debt repayment. If you are unsure of your income or its predictability, consider debt negotia­tions. You may be able to negotiate a lower debt payment with your creditor directly, taking the pressure off of your monthly budget.
The most important aspect in either case is to find a plan that you can stick to and if you find yourself in deeper debt than expected, talk to a bankruptcy attorney about your options.
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People purchased “valentines” each year to honor the priest. These "valentine" became the basis for the gifts exchanged in modern times between those who desire to express affection to­wards another.
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