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With all of the discussion over the American Airlines bankruptcy case in recent months, it seems as though business bankruptcy filings are more prevalent than in years past. Although many businesses have suffered their fair share of financial hardships in this turbulent economy, the truth is that business bankruptcy filings have been a very real part of the business world for a long time.
One reason for the increase in talk of business bankruptcies is the nature in which they have become important. For example, the American Airlines bankruptcy case stands to threaten customer service for consumers and the jobs of thousands of airline employees, a threat that could devastate the Dallas-Fort Worth economy. Because this business bankruptcy case has much to lose if the outcome is not favorable, more consumers are paying closer attention than ever before.
Other big name companies are also facing financial troubles and bankruptcy as consumer spending has hit all time lows and profit margins dwindle in key markets. Luckily, Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows many companies the opportunity to restructure their debts and remain in operation. The key is finding a solution that works for creditors, as well as reducing any impact to one’s customer base.
What Clients Are Saying
I have never worked with a more professional company than your company. It felt good to have you behind me & I felt protected. That meant a lot to me.
Devastated, scared & deceived by the credit card companies left me feeling horrible. Thankfully no more! Your company made a very scary time in my life….. not so bad.
I appreciate your professionalism and courtesy. From the beginning of collecting paperwork & signing forms until the representative that met me at the 341 meeting. Thanks again for everything. These days, good customer service & professionalism is hard to come by & your company has exceeded expectations!!!!.
S. Richards
Vol. 2, Issue 6.
June 2012
Note From The CEO
   The Lee Law Firm is unique in many ways, one of which is through our commitment to clients even after their bankruptcy case has been completed.
   Our After Care Program follows clients after their debt discharge and helps them start fresh by assisting in rebuilding their credit and continuing to mediate interactions with creditors.
   Through the After Care Program, clients will find that our personalized and compassionate services stand by them to the end. It is our commitment to ensure that all clients are served to the highest standard as they take a new financial path.
What's New With Us!
Now that summer is here, we are excited to begin new act- ivies and events. We had the honor of sponsoring the Great Texan Pitchout on June 16th, an annual event held by the Texas Cornhole League. The proceeds of the event benefitted the Make A Wish of North Texas.
The Lee Law Firm is also working extra hard this summer to help local residents deal with their debt and get back on a path to financial freedom. Whether you are suffering with credit card debt, medical debt, or even facing foreclosure; we can help. Our attorneys are highly trained in all aspects of financial management and can help you resolve your financial troubles today!
Money Management Tips
Although summer just began, it is never too early to begin thinking about back-to-school expenses. Steep budget cuts in districts means that parents are becoming increasingly responsible for footing the bill for school supplies and classroom essentials. In addition to classroom supplies, many districts are increasing their fees for services like lunches and bus transportation. For parents, these expenses quickly add up come August. However, you don’t have to be left in debt over sending your kids back to school this Fall.
One of the biggest debt traps people find themselves in is failure to plan for the unexpected, and sometimes expected. All too often people resort to credit cards or small loans to cover expenses that occur once a year, a habit that can quickly spiral out of control. Just a few hundred to one thousand dollars in credit card purchases can cost you far more over the school year in interest fees.
Now is the best time to begin planning your kids back-to-school costs and develop a plan to save money. Start setting aside money at the beginning of summer and even get your kids involved. Any money your kids can earn over the summer doing small jobs around the neighborhood can go towards those fancy new clothes and shoes for the start of the school year.
Fun Facts
June 21st is typically referred to as the First Day of Summer, also known as the summer solstice. However, this is a bit misleading.
In the Northern Hemisphere, June 21st marks the first day of summer; but it represents the first day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The reason is based on the sun’s position to the earth, which is closer to the Northern Hemisphere and farther away for the Southern Hemisphere.
How does this make a difference in our weather? For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather becomes hotter and more humid due to the sun’s position over the Tropic of Cancer, which is closer to the hemisphere itself. The sun is farther from the Southern Hemisphere, leading to cooler and drier weather during the upcoming months.
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