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Latest Bankruptcy News
In today’s economy it isn’t just individuals who need help with debts, but businesses are also in jeopardy of financial hardship. Business bankruptcy filings are up and many people working hard to own a business have felt the financial loss in a tough consumer market.
As such, there has been much publicity surrounding the Hostess bankruptcy case in recent weeks. After many tough negotiations with employee union representatives, the company has not been able to work out and deal; leaving them with no choice but to cease operations and liquefy assets.
The Lee Law Firm doesn’t just serve individuals and families, but business owners as well. In fact, we have a team of attorneys that are highly trained in the area of business bankruptcy, litigation and commercial law. We have the expertise and experience to help business owners of all sizes restructure or resolve their debts, and move forward for future business opportunities.
What Clients Are Saying
" I want to say thank you. Five years ago I found myself in a financial whoa, I wanted to pay all my bills, but I couldn’t, the more I tried the more I sank deeper. Then, I was receiving threat of law suits, and I was scared. At about this I started receiving add letters from attorneys. This was when I realized I could be helped.
My first internet search, lead me to Lee Law Firm. When I contacted them, I was overwhelmed, confused and scared. They were able to answer all my questions on my first encounter and the Bankruptcy handbook was very helpful in setting my mind at ease.
Their legal assistance and staff were very bright people and they were very organized in the way they helped me complete all of documents that I needed.
I wanted to give special thanks to everyone, for helping me through the bankruptcy process. You made the process easier to understand and held my hand step-by-step during my bankruptcy case. I am grateful for the way you have helped me. Once again, thank you.--Christina T.
Vol. 2, Issue 11.
November 2012
Note From The CEO
As we gather with family, loved ones and friends this Thanksgiving, we are reminded of how fortunate we all are.

   As an attorney, I give extra thanks each year for the opportunity to give back to my community and help people get back on their feet.

   The chances I get every day to help those that are struggling financially gain a fresh start is the reason why I do this job.

Christopher Lee
What's New With Us!
We are pleased to serve the individuals, families and business owners of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our attorneys continue to work diligently every day to provide the best customer service and most comfortable atmosphere for our clients. In doing so, we are here for you six days a week, closing late and open on Saturdays.
However, we too need a day to be with friends and family and would like to inform you that our offices will be closed on Thursday November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd. We will reopen on Saturday, November 24th at 8:30 am.
We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and time of fun with family and friends!
Money Management Tips
Black Friday! It is one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year, and also one of the most dangerous days for blowing your budget. If you are planning to make a trip out this year for some good bargains on items on your Christmas list, here are some tips for staying within your budget.
First, make a list of items you are looking to purchase and how much you can afford to spend on each. Having your gift list planned out ahead of time prevent you from buying unnecessary items or overspending.
Next, shop around. Many stores will have the same item for different prices. Don’t just buy at the closest or most convenient store, but look for the real deals. You may also be able to get stores to match prices, so be sure to take your sales fliers and ads with you. Also, look for coupons online and ask in store once you get there. If a store doesn’t have any coupons, check to see if they have any rebate or cash back options. Buying one item on Black Friday that provides you with a cash back coupons leaves you with in store credit to purchase another gift item in a few weeks.
Last, don’t feel pressured to buy all your items on this day. Stores will be offering sales all the way until the New Year, so don’t be fooled by “limited time” offers. Chances are those sales, and sometimes better ones, can be found closer to Christmas.
Fun Facts
Do you know why the cornucopia is the symbol of Thanksgiving?
The cornucopia is a basket of overflowing fruits and vegetables; symbolizing the plentiful food shared on the first Thanksgiving.
The original celebration was held in 1621, in honor of the pilgrims who sailed to the New World on the Mayflower.
Serving a giant feast of meats, corn, potatoes and vegetables, the pilgrims gathered together to give thanks for their safe journey that brought them to the land of opportunity.
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