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Dealing with debt collectors is one of the most stressful aspects of managing an overwhelming debt burden. Repeated phone calls, letters of intent to repossess or foreclosure; all of these can leave you feeling backed into a corner. Luckily, filing for bankruptcy can bring relief, usually within a matter of days.
One of the biggest perks of the bankruptcy process is the issuing of the automatic stay. This court order halts all debt collection efforts and prohibits creditors from contacting you. Once you file bankruptcy, your creditors will be served with a copy of this order and will only be able to make collection attempts as guided by the bankruptcy court. Any impending repossession or foreclosure will be stopped, and you will be able to keep your property as you work towards a debt resolution plan.
To find out more about how one of our attorneys can protect you from creditors, give us a call. We would be happy to help you find relief and deal with creditors on your behalf!
What Clients Are Saying
"When I first got your foreclosure letter my wife and I were very upset and didn’t know where to turn… I was skeptical because I hear so much about foreclosure scams and people being taken advantage of. However, I took a chance and called your office.
I came into the office and everyone answered my questions and prepared the free forbearance offer as promised. I paid nothing for the service and to my great surprise the offer was accepted within two days of my initial appointment.
I felt good retaining Lee Law Firm because they earned my trust and did what they said they would do. Thank you so much and I will recommend you to anyone else having the same problem that I had."  --D. H.
Vol. 2, Issue 10.
October 2012
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The Lee Law Firm values our clients and strives to provide the highest quality of services.
In order to do this we have to make sure that every client is treated with the same level of attention and care as the one before them.
This can be difficult at times when we are experiencing high volumes of phone calls from clients, which is why we would like to politely ask for all questions to be submitted to our office in writing via email.
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What's New With Us!
We would like to welcome our new Manager of Operations, Mr. Jon Reaves. He will be helping us to make sure all of our clients receive exceptional service here at the Lee Law Firm. Mr. Reaves will be overseeing key operations and visiting with clients in both of our office locations.
We want to remind everyone of our two locations: the Hurst office is conveniently located at 8701 Bedford Rd., Ste 510. and our Dallas office is at 5910 North Central Expressway, ste. 1448. Both of our offices are open Monday– Saturday from 8:30 am until 6:30 pm.
Also, our office staff will be supporting the Dallas Cowboys this season by wearing a team shirt every Friday. Go Cowboys!!
Money Management Tips
Did you know that you have rights against debt collectors? The Federal Trade Commission offers a list of rules that creditors are supposed to follow, but the truth is that many don’t and violations can be costly for the consumer. However, there is something you can do.
The most ideal weapon in your defense is to avoid ending up in collections to begin with. If you are experiencing a financial hardship get in contact with your creditor right away. Many lenders are willing to negotiate debts or offer temporary forbearance agreements to those dealing with income problems. Find out what you can afford to maintain in a payment and discuss your options with your creditor directly. Offering to set up an automatic draft of your modified payment is one way to boost your chances at a successful negotiation.
If you are already in collections you can still protect yourself against unruly debt collectors. First, don’t ignore the call. Take the call at least once to find out the details of the debt they claim you owe. Find out which creditor is making a claim against you, how much you owe and how much time you have to satisfy the debt. Next, file a written request to have the debt collector cease communications with you. Contact your creditor directly and negotiate only with the holder of your account. If you cannot work out an agreement, call us to find out your options for debt relief. Even if you don’t choose bankruptcy, we can still help you negotiate with creditors to obtain a plan that works for you!
Fun Facts
The month of October is synonymous with cooler weather, pumpkins, leaves changing color and Halloween.
October is a great month no matter what your interests are. In fact, there are many holidays within the month of October worth celebrating.
Breast Cancer Awareness month is hosted in October each year; marked by national fundraisers and many events; all designed to promote support for those suffering and the importance of finding a cure.
Another noteworthy holiday is Adopt A Shelter Dog, which promotes ownership of dogs in need of a home each year during this month.
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