What if I receive this document in the mail…

A Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, & Deadlines?

This is the first document you should receive in the mail.  It is the same notice that all  of your creditors will receive.  There is no action that will need to be taken on your part        when you receive this document.  It is informational only.

A Notice of Appearance?

Creditors sometimes file a Notice of Appearance to make sure they get on the email list for documents filed with the Court.  This requires no action on your part as well.  This is informational only.

A Motion to Lift Stay/Motion for Relief From Stay?

This is a motion filed by your creditor.  The motion is asking the court to remove the protection provided by the Bankruptcy so the creditor may foreclose or repossess your           property.  If this motion is filed in your case and your intention is to keep the property listed in the motion, you will need to contact our office immediately .

An Objection to Confirmation?

This is a common event that occurs in many bankruptcies.  You most likely will not  have to attend Court for this event but our office will be contacting you regarding this  type of occurrence.

A Notice of Hearing?

This is a fairly common event.  We attend all hearings for you.  We will notify you by mail, telephone, or email if you actually need to attend a hearing.  You will always need to attend a hearing for a Motion to Extend Stay. You will probably not need to attend a hearing for Confirmation or a Motion to Lift Stay/Motion for Relief from Stay.


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