What will happen at the Motion to Extend Stay hearing?

What will happen at the Motion to Extend Stay hearing ?
(if applicable to your case)

The purpose of the hearing is to determine if the bankruptcy protection should be extended through the remainder of your case. The Judge will inquire as to the reason that the prior case was dismissed and why you feel that this case will be successful. This information will come from the statement you provided to our office as to why your last bankruptcy was dismissed and what has occurred to make this bankruptcy successful. It is important that you answer each question honestly but do not provide any additional information above what is asked. The hearing should last just a few minutes; however you could have to wait for your case to be called so please budget the morning or afternoon for the hearing.  A Lee Law Firm attorney will be present with you at the hearing. You should wear nice clothing. Dress professionally. Men should wear nice slacks, a long sleeve shirt and a tie if available.

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