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after bkWhen you have successfully completed your bankruptcy case and were relieved of your qualifying debt, you may need some follow up action. Some of these may need the attention of your bankruptcy attorney.

Are collection agencies and debt collectors that you thought were covered in your bankruptcy contacting you? Does your mortgage company or auto lender still think you are behind in your payments? These are issues you should ask your attorney about.

Debts Not Covered

Did you get a copy of your bankruptcy case discharge paperwork? And do you know what debts were not covered in your bankruptcy case and you will still have to pay? Having it in writing what was discharged and what is still owed will help you moving forward while paying your debt.

These are some of the issues that may come up shortly after filing bankruptcy if you are prepared they will not be so stressful and you or your lawyer can effectively deal with them.

Other considerations after bankruptcy are to ensure you have learned better ways of handling debt. Hopefully, the counseling courses you were legally responsible for taking during the bankruptcy process helped teach you ways to manage your finances.

Rebuilding Credit

Shortly after bankruptcy, you will begin to receive offers of credit. Beware of these offers as they come with high interest rates and generally bad terms for the consumer.

Oftentimes you will not have to wait for the entire ten years a bankruptcy can stay on your credit report before you can get reasonable interest rates on loans. If you pay your bills on time and show the lenders that you are a good candidate for a loan, you will begin to see better offers.

If you are considering bankruptcy talk to a Plano bankruptcy attorney to find out how you can get debt relief.

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