Bankruptcy Preparer vs Bankruptcy Attorney

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bankruptcyGoing through a bankruptcy can be complex and overwhelming. You may feel that you want to save money and go through this legal proceeding yourself. It is important to understand that there are many phases that have to be attended to throughout the bankruptcy and one of the most important one is filling out your forms that you use for your bankruptcy application.

You may have the option of using a bankruptcy preparer whose job is strictly to assist you with filling out the forms, but these individuals are not allowed to give you any type of legal advice. The same applies to court employees and bankruptcy judges as they too cannot offer you any legal advice.

Your bankruptcy attorney can help you in many different ways that are necessary to help ensure that your bankruptcy goes smoothly. They can start by advising you whether you should file a bankruptcy petition and a whether you should file for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

They can help you understand whether your debts will be discharged. They will be able to help answer questions as to whether you can keep your home or other property once you have filed.

They will help you sort out your tax implications in regards to your bankruptcy. They will assist you in handling your creditors during your bankruptcy process.

They will assist you with the completion and filing of your forms in a proper manner, and they will be there to explain the bankruptcy laws and procedures as they apply to you.

If you are attempting to do your bankruptcy on your own, then you need to have an understanding of the US bankruptcy code as well as the Federal rules of bankruptcy procedure and the local rules of the court where you are going to be filing your bankruptcy. It is much easier and comes with much less stress if you rely on a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer to assist you with your bankruptcy.

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