Dismissal of your Bankruptcy

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bankruptcy dismissal

Filing bankruptcy can be a scary thing when you realize how much is involved. Bankruptcy has complicated laws and rules you must follow to avoid having your case dismissed or worse yet been charged with fraud. When your case is dismissed, this means the court rejects your case leaving you with all of your debt.


Lying on your bankruptcy paperwork is the quickest way to get your case dismissed. If it is an honest mistake, you and your attorney can make the correction and explain fully to the judge or the trustee what happened. If you did intentionally lie on your petition, you might be charged with perjury.

Completing the Forms

The court has stringent rules about how and when your forms and documents are to be filled out and filed. Failing to submit the required paperwork or filling them out incorrectly can lead to a dismissal. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will know the procedures and the best way for you to complete your required forms.

Debtor Education

Everyone who files bankruptcy is required to take two financial management courses. One must be completed within 180 days before you submit your bankruptcy petition. And the other will be completed before your case can be completed. These courses are to teach you how to manage your finances better and avoid financial trouble in the future.

Meeting of the Creditors

You are required to be at your “meeting of the creditors.” You, your spouse, if filing jointly, your attorney, the trustee, and possibly your creditors will attend this meeting. The trustee and the creditors have the right to ask you questions about your petition and ask you to explain anything that they find suspicious. If an emergency prevents you from attending this meeting, contact your attorney so they can attempt to reschedule.

Hiring an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney will help navigate you through the bankruptcy laws and get your qualifying debt eliminated.

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