Do You Have to Attend Court in a Bankruptcy Case?

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Being a legal proceeding, the bankruptcy process may give you doubts about your presence to the court. It is why many people drop the idea of filing bankruptcy as they assume that the court’s method of cross-examination of problems can lead to significant issues. But, you may be glad to know that most people who file for bankruptcy rarely see the courtrooms.

Meeting the Creditors

The only thing that resembles the courtroom environment during the bankruptcy procedures is your meeting with the creditors. Also, the 341 meetings in which you need to answer the questions regarding your debts with the bankruptcy trustee in your attorney’s presence. In most cases, the creditors avoid this meeting, and in case they do attend it, it is mostly an informal meeting of 5 to 20 minutes rather than being a stressful one.

When to go to Court

Generally, you don’t need to mark your presence in the court during your bankruptcy case, although some cases may be necessary. One reason is when there is an adversarial proceeding. The reason behind it is the creditor’s accusation on you (filer) trying to defraud them. In that case, you may need to visit the court to prove your innocence as a routine proceeding.

Consulting with a Plano bankruptcy attorney can eliminate the stress and questions you may have about going to court and the bankruptcy process.

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